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Foggy Forest
Bike Seat

Féth Fíada,
Ellipsis Zine, Twelve: Wade

November 2022

Blue Water Slide
Close Up of Corn Field

August 2022

The Secret to a Maze is to Keep Turning Left
Retreat West, Monthly Micro
1st place winner

May 2022

Lavender Fields
Bathroom Tiles
Virgin Mary and Jesus Statue

November 2021

Echoed Back,
Idle Ink

November 2021

Hidden in the Margins of a Gideon’s Bible,
Misfit Micros

September 2021

Image by Annie Spratt

July 2021

How to Sow a Wildflower Meadow, NFFD FlashFlood 2021

June 2021

What If We Breathed Through Our Skin?, National Flash Fiction Day Anthology 2021

June 2021

Under the Sea
Image by Geronimo Giqueaux
Image by Christian Kaindl

The Depth at Which Spider Crabs are Found, Not Deer Magazine

June 2021

As Delicate as Lace, Ellipsis Zine

April 2021

Image by Kenny Timmer
Image by Jéan Béller

The Locked Cupboard, Reflex Press

August 2021

Untitled, Serious Flash Fiction

August 2021

Image by kalai venthan gopal
Image by Jesper Aggergaard

Skin Deep, Beneath Hundred Word Anthology, Ghost Orchid Press

May 2021

After the Fire, Glitchwords

April 2021

Image by Josh Appel
Screenshot 2021-07-23 at 10.18.01.png
Christmas Lights

Coins Collected in Jars Bought Our First Home, Home Hundred Word Anthology, Ghost Orchid Press

February 2021

When Naked Plants Renew, Tymes goes by Turnes Solstice Shorts 2020, Arachne Press

December, 2020

Central Cinema
Image by Sacha Verheij
Image by mrjn Photography

Friday Night at the Cinema, Pretty Owl Poetry, Issue 25

Spring 2020

Into the Soup, Friday Fix Fiction

Winter 2020

Running Water, 50-Word Stories

November 2020

Image by amirali mirhashemian
Image by Mike Enerio

White, Wholemeal or Gluten Free?, NFFD FlashFlood 2020

June 2020

Zeus Fluorescent Artillery Shells, Friday Flash Fiction

August 2020

Doggy Doula, Paragraph Planet

September 2019

Math Exercises
Image by Eric Park
Pier in the Lake

The Good Copper Pan, Down in the Dirt Magazine

December 2019

The Gallery Attendant, Flash Fiction Magazine (Reprinted in Fresh Ink)

October 2015/2019

Candle Burning Ritual

Thorns Are Meant to Prick the Heart of Sinners, Chlorophobia: An Eco-Horror Anthology
Ghost Orchid Press

November 2021

Teaching a Clean Front Kick,Snow Crow:Bath Flash Fiction Volume Six

December 2021

December 2021

Predator's Love
New 666 Story.png

Waxing Crescent, Five Minute Lit

September 2021

The Manicure, Five on the Fifth

October 2021

Pick a Game From the Compendium, 666 Dark Drabbles, Black Hare Press

October 2021

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