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Baby is a Thing Best Whispered is a flash fiction collection published by Alien Buddha Press

The Swell of Seafoam is a micro-chapbook that was published as part of Ghost City Press' Summer Series 2022. As the title suggests, the five stories in this miniature collection all connect to the sea is someway. From family days at the beach to the terrors that lurk beneath the waves.


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Baby is a Thing Best Whispered is a collection of flash fiction stories with this that involve births and deaths. The dying, lost children and those looking to be reborn.


Each story is one of self-discovery or escape, all of which are tethered to themes family and womanhood. The complex relationships of mother/daughter/sister and the love, rage and confusion that come with them.


The stories zero in on what it means to be human. Our fears and the strength it takes to keep moving forward despite what we learn about the world and any trauma we experience.


I like to drop the reader into scenes that seem commonplace enough, yet there’s often a sense of darkness at the edges. I set everyday moments against those elements of existence that threaten to tip us over the edge so that these juxtapositions draw out what lurks around the corners. I favour uncanny or surreal elements in my writing.


For me, the collection is a coming-of-age narrative that centres around otherness that leads to revelation.